Weekend Retreats

The Soul Sisters have spent time in planning and prayer to develop a programme that offers you the opportunity to:

REST, be refreshed and have your thirst quenched with ‘LivingWater’ (John 4:6).
REFLECT on who you are, your life and what you're being called.
RELEASE unhelpful obstacles that prevent you flourishing.
RECONNECT with your heart, your vision and the Spirit that who speaking to you in this time and place.

The programme starts on Friday afternoon through until 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

The retreat is designed to deepen your spirituality, experienced through prayer, meditation, painting, craft, music, journaling and sharing in small groups.  

Our retreats are held at some stunning properties in the Southern Highlands & Central Coast of NSW.

Are you ready to drink from the Well?

Find a full list of all our upcoming Gatherings including our Retreats, Online Gatherings & Book Club here.

Got any questions? Check out our FAQ’s section.   

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