The Soul Sisters

Tricia, Annie & Ree, together with their husbands, met in the late 1990's when they were all involved in a shared ministry for married couples called Celebrate Love. They have shared many adventures together in the years since.

In 2017, Tricia went on a retreat called "Soul Sisters". She was invited to submit photos of three women who had impacted her spiritual journey and had "walked beside" her. They were to be known as her Soul Sisters.

So...Tricia could not go past Annie & Ree, who she counted as one. Ever since then, they have referred to themselves as "The Soul Sisters".

It was from this retreat that Women of the Well was born.

They were united in a collective belief that there is a genuine thirst among women seeking Spiritual growth.  From the initial dreaming of creating Sacred Space for women, the Soul Sisters were accompanied by their amazing Spiritual Director, Sr Lynette Pearce (lovingly known as Lynnie), a Sister of St Joseph of the Lochinvar community. During their Retreat in November 2022, the Soul Sisters were informed of Lynnie's death. She is greatly missed and her legacy lives on.

So, in 2019 they launched the first Women of the Well (WoW) Retreat. Designed specifically for like-minded women, in a broader context than a traditional church structure.

Their desire: to create a sacred space where you can come to the Well & discover a revitalised relationship with the Divine.

Tricia Casey
Tricia is married to Michael, with three adult children, and two doted on grandchildren (just ask them). She has over 35 years’ experience in education, management, counselling, leadership, facilitation and had been involved in multiple ministries.

Tricia has always had a passion for spirituality which has grown into a burning desire for women's voices to be explored, validated and heard in this space.

She has a strong belief that WoW is her calling at this stage of life.  

Ree O'Brien
Ree has been married to Ray for 40 years and lives in the Hunter region. She has three grown sons and three unbelievably beautiful grandsons. Ree has been involved in many Parish,Regional and Diocesan ministries over the years.

WoW certainly has come at a time when she believes women are seeking a broader sense of Spirituality in their lives.

Alongside her Soul Sisters, Ree is looking forward to being able to assist in developing this for women. 

Annie Keogh
Annie is married with four adult children and is enthusiastically embracing Grandparenthood.

She lives on a farm in Holbrook with her husband, John. Together they are active in supporting the local community.

Annie’s spirituality has prompted much involvement with fellow Christians in faith-based activities over her life. She is very much enjoying being part of and celebrating the women who join us at the Well.

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